Paris café’s and some tips for restaurants

Paris means great food. Some tips:

Chez Mamy, 3 Rue Jules Vallès, 11th arrondissement, very nice, simple Paris bar with a good menu. Ambiance is great with a very friendly Patron..

Restaurant “Chez Janou”, 2 Roger Verlomme, 3rd arrondissement chez Janou. People were queing outside to get a table. What else to say..

Aux Bons Crus, 7 Rue des Petis Champs, 1st arrondissement, fantastic little restaurant behind le Palais Royal. This was our biggest discovery while looking for a place to lunch. Simply great!

And while in Paris, you should certainly visit the maison européenne de la photographie / ville de paris Especially the show ‘Rome + Klein’ on William Klein in Rome is worth a look! and so are the portraits by Martine Franck..






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