608 NM

Today we moored the Tintel in its home port, Enkhuizen, after setting sail in Copenhagen on Monday. All the ingredients for a great voyage were taken care of, windforces ranging from 1 to 8, thunder, rain and even some hail, sun, dolphins, fantastic food by captain and foodie Peter, what else could I wish for… The total distance was a bit over 600 nautical miles. 608 to be precise, averaging around 100 miles a day, which is not bad at all.

608 NM is also the total distance of the Rolex Fastnet Race, the famous bi-annual sailing race around Fastnet Rock that will start tomorrow. The same distance as our little trip albeit under completely different circumstances, as previous editions of the Fastnet Race have demonstrated. I wanted to take part in this year’s Fastnet but for various reasons couldn’t. Next opportunity in two years and no more excuses then..

Here some snaps I made this week..

2 Responses to “608 NM”

  1. Stefan Nilsson says:

    I did see the ship “Tintel” in Karlshamn, Sweden on july 30 and got stunned.

    Can anyone please send me some info about this beautiful little ship.

    Best regards

    Stefan Nilsson
    Sailor in Råå, the Sound N55 59 E12 49

  2. Ramon says:

    Hi Stefan, thank you, indeed the ship is a beauty and moreover, a joy to sail.

    More info can be found on http://moree.nl/tintel/index.html, the owner’s website, and also on the designer’s website, http://www.hoekdesign.com, under ‘sailing yachts’ and then under ‘pilot classics’.

    Cheers, Ramon