Asia trip, at the airport

In this and the next posts photos I made in Asia, from where I returned yesterday.

I only brought my Leica M and a 35 millimeter lens (Summicron IV), to keep things simple and also to avoid bringing too much stuff. Most photos were made with this combo but also some with the iPhone as I am working on an article about travelling with the iPhone and a few with my Blackberry.

Been to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Krabi in Thailand, so I did spend some time at airports. Here a few photos made there. The 5th and the 6th photo have the same subject, the camera girl. One (#6) was made with the iPhone, with the Instagram app and the other (#5) with the Leica. Cool to see the difference between the two. Of course the one with the Leica is sharper, has more detail, etc., but the photo made with the iPhone has something special..

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