Tulpenmanie 1637

The previous post was a photo of buckets of tulips at the flowermarket in Amsterdam. Inspired by the hope that spring may be here soon. And by the photobook that I soon will be publishing through www.blurb.com.

In 2007 I made a series of photos at Huis te Linschoten near Utrecht, the Netherlands, of the music and theatre performance ‘Tulpenmanie 1637‘. Tulpenmanie 1637 was a production inspired by the hausse in the tulip trade in the 17th centure in the Netherlands, produced by Adriaan Reinink. The book will contain a selection of the photo’s that I shot of this production.

More to follow when the book is ready.. And for a primer on some of the photo’s http://bit.ly/cpd1Fj.. In this photo are Martine Dukker and Barbara van den Eerenbeemt.

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