On the iPhone with the ProCamera app

In September I sold all my digital Nikon stuff and jumped ship to Leica. Right now shooting analogue and hoping that one day I’ll have the digital sister of my M6.. Keep on dreaming, still no clue as to when I will be on top of this waiting list. Two weeks ago I was told at my favorite camera store, Nivo-Sweitzer in Amsterdam, that they were about to deliver a camera to a guy who had been on the list since September. As my name was added only in January, I better be patient.

I did miss my digital camera however, much easier and direct to experiment and play with than film…. until today.. When a friend, Eric, posted a link to iPhoneography to my Facebook wall. A website with many beautiful, creative and inspiring photo’s made on the iPhone and links to a host of resources. Like www.lifeinlofi.com, listing among others handy photography apps.

So I do have a digital camera and I even have it with me every day. Let’s just start using it. And do little weekly projects. For this week: ‘traffic’..

Here some more iPhone photo’s made at the spare moments I did remember that I had it..

iPhone photographs itself



Huis te Linschoten

Huis te Linschoten

Het Singel


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